Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pendleton Vest Inspiration - New Look 6166

Dear readers,

I've been dying to make a Pendleton vest with a shawl collar from this inspiration:
I finally found a pattern that has a Shawl Collar, with princess seaming.  New Look 6166 -- and it only takes 7/8 yard fabric from 60" roll.
So, using some Pendleton Fabric in my stash (I blogged about it HERE), I planned to make this vest.   View E (the middle vest on the left side column).  I have one yard from a 60 inch roll.  I tissue fit the pattern vest -- making only adjustments to add length to the shoulder seam and moved the shoulder seam forward (I have slightly tilted forward wide and high shoulders, thicker neck than the norm).

Here are my pinned cuts on the dress form without the shawl collar.  Pendleton has named this fabric Evening Star.   One piece I cut slightly short.  The vest is 2" longer than the pattern calls for I have a long body -- so the shorter cut may not be a problem, I can crop it without problem due to the extra fabric.
However, I did not have enough excess fabric to make the pattern work on the shawl collar, see below:

Oops, the diagonals don't match.  But I do like the idea of the diagonal for the shawl collar -- any opinions out there?

But, I called Pendleton woolen mills and problem solved!  They are sending me another yard (discounted).  Here is their Website and Blog -- definitely worth a visit if you are in the Portland area.  At the same time I went ahead and ordered the felted binding -- that would be the easiest finish.  I also orders some Rancho Arroyo Aqua -- under a half yard in case I need it too.  Note to self:  Order more fabric than you need with prints.
Now, I can finish this week if I can get my serger thread changed.  That may be a big if.



  1. Cool fabric - and I like the diagonal, good thing you got more fabric! Changing your serger thread - ha! I've been using the same tan thread for years....

  2. Thanks! I've got my fingers crossed with my serger thread!

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