Monday, September 9, 2013

Classicly Tailored Shirt -- Butterick 5678

Dear readers,

I'm taking a craftsy class "The Perfect Tailored shirt."  However, I am only around half way through the class.  So, I am starting my shirt project anyway -- although I am modifying to use a princess seam pattern, for the first one.

Here is the fabric I'm using -- a cotton print, a little bit vintage inspired, from Mood.
 This is the pattern I selected and I modified it using my sloper (or basic bodice blocks)
Although the class calls for a pattern without princess, such as this one below: Vogue 8689.  Maybe next time. I'm tempted to get a Connie Crawford pattern now that I've seen how good they are drafted.
Here is where I stand below.   I'm missing about a half yard of fabric (I'm going to Mood Monday afternoon -- fingers crossed).  Last time I was there about three months ago -- a few hundred yards remained on the roll.
As a result of the process, I've been researching tailored shirts.  Here is a women's Navy Officer shirt - from Brooks.  Very fine materials and well-tailored.
 Here is the perfect collar; you can see some of the inside:
 Perfect sleeves and plackets.
 Wonderful job on the collar stand
 Overall, the execution is excellent -- but the fit is not good.  I loved the hidden placket (below) and I learned to do this easily at Connie Crawford's class at the ASG.
So, have you sewn any tailored shirts?  Tip and tricks??



  1. Well I bought that class because my attempt at it when Sandra Betzina was here a couple of years ago was a fail due to my poor fabric choice, plus you signed up for it! Haven't started it yet, but if my knit shirts don't get better I may just go back to it!

  2. Yes, I kinda have slowed down -- the instruction is thorough and detailed but sometimes I have trouble keeping with the pace. I normally do well in classes where the pacing is fast! I haven't figured out knits either. . .

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