Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Look 6166 - Pendleton Fabric Shawl Vest

Dear readers,

Finally, this project was a LOT more difficult than I expected.
 This is New Look 6166 -- a wonderful pattern.  I based it on the following inspiration below:
It's not exactly the same.  I missed buying it (and it was pricey) when it came in last season.

This year they also have another evening star-ish vest on their Fall line right now:
A little closer view of the matching and fitted arms.
 Boy, there is a reason that these Pendleton garments are expensive.  This fabric - Evening Star, a light to mid - weight blanket fabric was unwieldy and difficult to put together.  I ripped out the sides six times the first time I tried to match up the pattern.  Finally, I put in pins and actually sewed over them (no needles broken in case you were wondering).  This is after using jeans needles and a roller foot.  I thought it would take an hours to put together - NOPE.  Two days after cutting.
 I picked up the frog/finding at my knitting store I really like it.  I made a chevron patter for the shawl collar.
Again, getting the collar to turn was even a bear.  I see how coats can be difficult now.  Some notes:  
the Pendleton Woolen Mills Store in Portland is fantastic.  It turned out I made some errors in my cuts -- not a problem -- they sent me (via phone and email) their last yard (lucky!).  Also, they suggested felt as a binding (they have in stock).  I love it but ended up not going with the felt binding as the pattern I think is too busy.  I can always add it later.  Plus my execution on binding, based on my past record, is sketchy. 

I think turning blanket type of fabric into a garment is tough - there is a reason the cost for Pendleton is high -- it really takes industrial machines to get a professional finish in a thick garment.  I really worked and steamed this garment.  That said I'm very happy with it.  I might have made it a bit too fitted, but I can live with that.   Whew!  I was going to make a second one -- but now I am going on to my next project. 

Have you made any Pendleton items?




  1. Never heard of Pendleton, but that vest is awesome! Beautiful matching and fit despite your trials and tribulations!

  2. I hope I get some good wear out of it this winter!