Monday, September 16, 2013

Kwik Sew 3115 -- Yoga Pants in Polartec

Dear readers,

Still in the mood for a quick fix -- I made these Polartec Yoga Pants - My TNT pattern from Kwik Sew in Medium.  I've made them before and blogged about them Here in Black Polartec.
A perfect fit - but I didn't hem the pants (nor did I serge) Polartec does not unravel.  If I wanted to hem -- I'd definitely add an inch or two (please not I have a 31 inch inseam).    I cut them out last night and made them today in less than an hour (and after a candle zippo type of lighter exploded in my hand causing very little burns - so lucky).  
 I've worn my black ones (in thicker fabric) totally to death.   I still take those fuzzys everywhere I go.

I also used this drawcord elastic below (instead of the 3/8" elastic called for and cut it 30").  It is available on Judy Kessinger's Website Fitnice System.
I love them.  I made these a bit snug, but I can live with that.  Plus, post-surgery I need to lose a few pounds.  

Don't you love a good TNT pattern?




  1. I do love a good TNT - and I love that pattern too! Nice pink pants!

  2. Those are NICE and snuggly. Too bad it's so hot down here, or I'd need a pair myself...

  3. Thanks! I love a good TNT too!! yes, snuggle city -- now if I can just lose some of my pounds. . . .