Sunday, September 15, 2013

Scrap shorts for me! Not popular in my house. NOT popular.

Dear readers,

Upon returning home from a buying spree at Seattle Fabrics -  Website, I decided to "whip" up a project using some scrap Malden Mills polartec -- quickee shorts.
 Some materials just shouldn't be shorts.  Like heavy duty fleecy Polartec -- you cannot see in the pictures - but the pile is large on this and tends to catch between my legs.  I don't care --  I like 'em.  Perfect for dog walking on cool mornings.
They are not my favorite.  I didn't really use a pattern -- merely Judy Kessinger's pants sloper to test it (don't blame her -- I modified it).

Anyway, after a few glasses of wine -- J. was like -- those shorts are terrible, they are garbage.  They are not good.  I had to laugh.  They aren't good but I don't care:)  He normally loves my projects.  These smurfs didn't do the trick for him though.

Anyway, off I go on the dog walk wearing them.

Hey, I sew for me:)  So, dear readers, do you ever make anything your spouse, significant other, children, friends don't like -- and you really don't care?  I'd like to hear it!

XOXO, Pammie


  1. I tend to like it more when my husband critiques :-)

  2. Yes, well at least he's honest -- they are questionable -- but really comfy:)